Luck by chance - Music review

Well, after a path breaking Rock on!! the dream team is back - Farhan akthar & SEL - in the debut venture of Zoya akthar - Luck by chance. Expectations are high, and that made me wait for the album, since i heard Naina promo i couldn't wait for the album.. Yeh Zindagi Bhi is the Brand SEL track with a surprise combo - Loy Mendonsa & Shekhar rajivani - and more surprising is that the track is cool and bears a feel good mood. Zoya claims Baawre to have the rajasthani traditional tint in it, and it has, the song is pacy, and the lyrics by Jaaved Akthar aptly fits the song. And Loy sounds ditto farhan, why couldn't they let Farhan perform the track? Anyway the output is quite impressive. Pyaar Ki Dastan is the kind of track that impresses one in the first hearing, and bares a typical SEL melody stamp, the same with Tere naina of Chandni chowk to china. Mahalaxmi as usual had sweetly performed the song. But the real surprise is Indian idol contestant Amit paul, his soothing vocals are gonna rule for quite a time, i suppose. The sufi mood song, O Rahi Re, that sounds impressive, is made even better by the blessed vocals of Shankar. Specially endings of each stanzas are really cool. Sapnon Se Bhare Naina is the true rocker of the lot. Rendered in Bhairavi, the song is fresh, and much different from the usual SEL compositions. Shankar just makes you enjoy the song by every note. Simply love it. Baawre Remix is the usual gift by SEL - the feet taping remix that's gonna be the DJ's pick for a long time. In short, the trio is back in form. The album simply rocks. An album which probably scores above Rock on!!. An album that impresses you more and more. Another Dil chahta hai in the making, probably. Rating: 4/5

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